Thomas’s order review – Las Vegas,Nevada.

Thomas contacted us in November 2023, his order was complete by December, he will receive his furniture by January 2024. That’s how long it takes to order your furniture from China.

Restauration Hardware furniture from China

Thomas chose RH for his outdoor space, as we have made similar furniture in the past, it was quite easy to know what our customer wanted, the factory that made most of his furniture is great when it comes to aluminium made outdoor furniture. Their prices are also good compared to other similar factories in China and definitly much cheaper than the original brand.

Choosing and ordering

After we communicated the prices to our client, it was time to choose the fabric for both indoor and outdoor furniture, so we sent pictures of the best samples, and after some back and forth with our client, we finally had the winning ones, and the result was just stunning. Thomas was happy with the final products.

Emphasis on the quality

Thomas wasn’t just looking for any outdoor furniture. He wanted pieces that not only matched his home’s aesthetic but could also handle the sizzling demands of the Las Vegas climate. And that’s where we shine. Our commitment to top-notch quality ensured that every chair, table, and lounging spot not only looked good but could stand up to the Vegas heat.

The indoors furniture

The indoor furniture that our client ordered was limited to a living room black velvet Sofa and two bed side tables. All are inspired from RH furniture. Thomas opted for a black stain proof velvet as they have a small kid at home and the result looked like this.

We can’t wait to see the result in our client’s living room .

If you are as well looking to furnish your home without breaking the bank, all you have to do is contact us, tell us about your furniture needs and we will happily make your dream home come true.