Customs clearance for goods from China

We do customs clearance of the container in China and provide the necessary documents for customs clearance in the country of delivery.

Notice! Mandatory documents for all countries: packing list and invoice. For all additional documents, please consult your broker.

The most frequent requests from our customers are Certificates of Origin (CO), environmental safety certificates (different for different countries and products), watermarks (only needed for a certain group of products and only for Australia), etc. The ability to provide particular documents/certificates can and will affect the choice of suppliers. You need to know which certificates are needed BEFORE purchasing a product. Customs clearance is one of the main expenses for our clients, and the more experienced the broker, the more money you can save.

Procedure for customs clearance of furniture from China to other countries

Customs clearance must be done both in China and in the receiving country.

For example, when delivering a container with furniture to the EU, the process is as follows:

  1. Approximately 1 week before loading container, we contact the client’s broker. This is necessary to clarify paperwork details etc. (Different countries and even ports have different requirements);
  2. Making of all necessary documents for customs clearance in China (packing list, invoice and other additional documents, if necessary);
  3. Loading container at the warehouse;
  4. Payment for delivery (is done after loading the goods and at least a week before the arrival of the container);
  5. Delivery of the container to the port of shipment;
  6. Customs clearance in China;
  7. Loading container on to the ship;
  8. Shipping by sea to the port closest to the client;
  9. Port dues in the recipient country are not included in the cost of delivery to the port of delivery;
  10. Telex release or original Bill of lading (depending on the customs requirements in the country of delivery) are sent after full payment for delivery to the port of delivery;
  11. After that, responsibility for the goods goes to the client’s broker.

Please Notice :

You can get the estimation based on the Packing list – a document with your actual order and all the information about the goods. Just send it to the customs clearance broker of your choice.

The best would be to find a customs broker before container loading here in China.