Why it’s better to buy furniture brands from China?

Buy replicas of famous furniture brands from china: why should you buy a replica and not an original piece of furniture?

The answer to this question is simple: Save Save Save.

Furniture brands, in general, are expensive in countries like the UK or USA, most of our clients who chose to buy from China go for Replicas, as it is much cheaper than to buy an original in their home country. A replica would look 90-95% identical to the original, the materials used are pretty much the same as the originals, we personally when we visit showrooms, it is hard for us to distinguish the original from the copy, they both look dazzling.

$34,600 Hermes Daybed VS 699 USD in China

Versace, Bentley, Fendi Casa, Louboutin, Turri, Cavalli, Paul Mathieu, Heritage, Hermes, and many more luxurious furniture brands, with furniture costing dozens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, can be found here in the south of China, in cities like Foshan or Dongguan. Furthermore, these replicas are made in medium size furniture, with few workers, which keeps the costs low for the customer, so you are actually paying a fair price, and in return, you get a perfect quality piece of furniture that was made with care, and not sharing the cost of an expensive showroom or flashy ads.

14,700USD Bentley Sofa VS 1,200 USD In China

Why do people buy replicas?

– The same exquisite design for a much cheaper price 

-When it comes to materials used in making replicas, factories try as much as possible to use the same as in originals. 

_ All furniture can be customized, measurements, materials, colors, 

Most of our clients are most interested in the brands below

– Fendi Casa ,Cavalli,Turri ,Versace ,Bentley Home,Hermes,Louboutin,Paul Mathieu, Fendi Casa Wardrobe

Trussardi ,Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Lighting,Rörstrand Accessories