Shipping furniture from China – Secure & guaranteed

Shipping furniture from China to your country

Ocean freight is the best way to ship furniture as it is heavy and takes lot of space, therefore, we collaborate with the best shipping forwarder here in Foshan. As a company, we get preferential rates from shipping companies as we often use their services, in addition, we get to store our products in their warehouse without any additional charges.

The customer can also arrange shipping by him/her self if needed.

Shipping cost changes constantly, depending on many factors, like destination, time of the year, demand & supply, politics etc.

Our customers don’t always need a full container (FCL), depending on their needs, we also can arrange Cargo or LCL (Less than Container Load) as we don’t have a minimum quantity requirement or a minimum budget.

Shipping time naturally depends on the distination country, the farther it is, the more time it will take to arrive.

Usually it takes, between 15-25 days to closer destinations and 35-45 days for farther ones.

Custom clearance

We are only responsible for custom clearance in China, it is recommended to find a suitable broker before your container reaches the final destination port. We recommend finding a broker for custom clearance in your country at least 10-20 earlier.

If you have any more questions regarding, furniture sourcing from China or shipping from China to your country, do not hesitate to contact us through Email : or give us a call between 9am-9pm China Time : +86 156 26 212049 (also WhatsApp number).