How to pick the best factory in China?

Furniture factories in China grow like mushrooms every day. Here is how we choose the best furniture factories, to order furniture directly online from them.

Furniture from China Online

Throughout our journey of helping our customers buy furniture from China, we have learned how to find good reliable suppliers, who make premium quality furniture that doesn’t only look good but, will last many years.

These suppliers are not on big platforms like Alibaba or Aliexpress, because they simply don’t need them, they are very selective, and they work only with companies that place orders frequently or with interior designers both Chinese and foreigners. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of dollars on ads or big platforms, they use this money to cut the costs of their products so it will be affordable for their clients to buy their furniture from China.

Another reason is that these factories make custom-made furniture, the customer only needs to provide pictures of the product, and specify the size, the materials, the colors, so instead of making a small number of products they keep their service wide open to any request which is good and bad in the same time. here is why it’s not a good thing.

Some factories would accept the order, but later it will turn out that they don’t have the accessories that go with it or raise the price because the price of the material is higher, and they didn’t know because they haven’t used it in some time, and the list is long. Also, when it is the first time that they want to make XY product, it is kind of an experiment and they might get some things wrong. Usually, we have problems with the colors or the finish, as it is hard to distinguish from the pictures.
That is why we are here to make sure the factories will honor the contract and make sure everything or almost everything is up to standard. (100% satisfaction is a myth).

Back to our subject, How do we find them?
Sometimes, they do find us, as they want to expand beyond China’s great wall and as we are a foreign-owned company, we give them that opportunity.

Another way to find them is to visit furniture fairs here in southern China in cities like Guangzhou (CIFF China International Furniture Fair ) or in Dongguan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, and Jiang Men, where most of China’s furniture manufacturers are located.

The next step is to visit their factory, get to know them, see their products, see their workload, how many workers they have, and how big is the factory, these are some of the factors that draw us to cooperate with them or not.

One last but very important factor is their willingness to give us their time when placing an order, how fast they answer us, do they give us their attention, and so on and so forth. That is crucial for us, if a supplier doesn’t get back to us only the next day, that is the end of our cooperation.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have more questions about sourcing and importing from China to your country, do not hesitate to contact us.