Why buying furniture from China online might be ideal for you?

Buying furniture from China is without a doubt a good idea if you have a big house and looking to purchase a lot of furniture at once. Favorable prices are also why so many people choose to buy furniture from China instead of buying furniture locally.

Since the Covid19 outbreak, it has been harder than ever to come to China in person, since Chinese embassies overseas no longer grant tourist or business visas. Therefore, the only way to import furniture from China is to collaborate with a furniture-sourcing agent here in China.

As an official company here in Foshan, we make it easier for you to order furniture, sanitary wares, lighting, and building materials from the comfort of your home, the manager who will be responsible for your order will assist you throughout the whole process of choosing, ordering, manufacturing, shipping.  so you can finally get great quality furniture that will fit perfectly in your home all while saving.

10 easy steps to buy furniture from China :

1- Contact us via phone, email, or direct message on Whatsapp and tell us about your project (the more details the better)

2-We will send you an estimated quote in the next 48 hours that follow your email, along with catalogs to choose from.

3- We sign a contract with you and the customer pays 200$ deposit.

4- After choosing all the items that you wish to purchase, the customer pays a 30-50% deposit to factories so they will start production of your order.

5-After production is over, we go to each factory for a quality check to make sure that our client’s requirements have been met and there are no defects or any problems whatsoever.

6-The customer pays the remaining amount of the order.

7- We store all the products from different suppliers in our warehouse. and prepare for shipping.

8-Container loading, with the supervision of the person responsible for the order.

9- Customs clearance in China and shipping to the port of destination, and sending the required documents for customs clearance in their country.

10- The customer receives the goods at the nearest port.

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** For online orders, we work directly with factories and ask for the lowest prices. As we work with factories on a daily basis, we benefit from friendly rates, that are much lower than the furniture markets in Foshan. Also, the factories offer us discounts when we order a larger quantity from them.

We collaborate with one of the leading shipping agents in the south of China, which, ensures us the best service and best shipping rates.

In contrast with our competitor, we have no minimum quantity order policy.