Buy from the best furniture factories in china

Furniture sourcing in China is great when it comes to saving and getting high-end furniture. The exact number of furniture factories is unknown as new factories are opening their doors every day. Home furniture or furniture for apartment, hotel, restaurant, bar, nightclub, you will find it here.

At Furnish-China, we make it easy for you to find suitable factories so you don’t have to waste time visiting the wrong factories, we can locate the right factory for you according to your needs and budget. Whether you are buying online or if you decide to come to China in person, we will guide you throughout the whole procedure of buying from factories directly.

What can I buy from Chinese factories?

If you decide to buy from China, you can purchase furniture of all styles, interior accessories, sanitary ware, and bathroom cabinets, building materials such as ceramics, marble, mosaics, hardwood, and laminate flooring, doors, locks, and much more to create any possible interior.

Factory’s furniture sourcing price
Our service includes:

The assistance of manager translator
Order production control
Quality control
Goods consolidation in our warehouse in Foshan
Loading a container
Arranging logistics

Kind reminder

Starting loading quantity is 20 feet container (30-33м3 approx.)

Logistics, customs clearance, repacking/additional packing are paid separately
Logistics and customs clearance of furniture sourcing in China
For calculating shipping and logistics cost from China we will need detailed information about shipping goods, destination.

For the estimated logistics and customs clearance cost, we would need an approximate list of the goods you’re planning to purchase that you can leave through the form on our website. We work with one of the best logistics companies here in Foshan, who can guarantee both outstanding service, and low shipping prices.

10 easy steps of purchasing furniture from China with us :

1- Contact us via phone, email, or direct message on Whatsapp.
2-Tell us about your project (the more details the better)
3-We will send you an estimated quote in the next 48 hours that follow your email, along with catalogs to choose from.
3- We sign a contract with you and the customer pays a 200$ deposit.
4- After choosing all the items that you wish to purchase, the customer pays 30-50% deposit to factories so they will start production of your order.
5-After production is over, we go to each factory for a quality check to make sure that our client’s requirements have been met and there are no defects or any problems whatsoever.
6-The customer pays the remaining amount of the order.
7- We store all the products from different suppliers in our warehouse. and prepare for shipping.
8-Container loading, with the supervision of the person responsible for the order.
9- Customs clearance in China and shipping to the port of destination, and sending the required documents for customs clearance in their country.
10- The customer receives the goods at the nearest port.

How much can I save ?

On average, you can save up to:

  • 2-3 times on furniture
  • 5-10 times on illumination
  • 3-10 times on building and decoration material
  • 3-7 times on ceramics, tiles, marble, mosaic

Here at Furnish China, we pride ourselves on quality in both communications as well as products. Having worked in the industry here for many years we have witnessed all manner of ways to get consumers abroad to part with money they did not expect to. We guarantee that throughout the whole process we will meet all your requirements in a timely and effective manner and will never differ from the original price plans set.