Refurbishing Jennifer Lawrence’s Mansion from China

Jennifer Lawrence L.A Mansion

As Jennifer Lawrence’s fan, we thought it would be fun to invade her privacy a little and make a couple of changes to her L. A Mansion, we think she has amazing taste in furniture but let’s see if we can make her place a little bit better. (All the prices of the furniture in the article are from our suppliers here in Foshan, China).

Let’s start in the living room

Jennifer lawrance Living room

We have decided to go with a more minimalistic style for the sofa, a more modern look to brighten the Jennifer lawrance’s living room.
We chose a trendy chandelier, the hight can be adjusted depending on the height of the room.

As much as we love Jennifer Lawrence’s choices of Coffee Tables and arm Chairs, if it was up to me, I’d probably swap it with this one which is simple as well but also more elegant I would say.
The arm fits perfectly in the living room but the whole thing doesn’t really match, that is why we chose this armchair, it doesn’t have to be orange, maybe the same color as Jennifer’s.

The Entrance

Jennifer lawrence mansion

This area seems to be perfect, we have decided not to change a thing, but the price that Jennifer has paid for the chandelier, the lamp and table probably exceed 10,000 USD whereas if you buy it from China, it would probably not exceed 2,000$, that is the best thing about buying your furniture from China.

The dining area

Jennifer lawrence dining room

This area seems to be a little bit dim, not because there is not enough sunlight but because of the choice of the table and especially the chairs, it looks more like a haunted house to me, that’s what I would probably change more than a few things in this area.

Dining table from China

We went a little bit overboard for the dining table as it is an important area in the house, it’s where you gather daily with your family to have a meal or an afternoon tea or coffee, so you might want to gather around a nice dining table. This table is 260Cm long and 80 cm wide the top is made of solid oak wood and the base is made of robust glass. It cost only 1,991$ in China, the size can be custom-made so it would accommodate more people.

Minotti Fil Noir from China

For the dining chairs, we went for the Minotti Fil Noir classy dining chair, I personally like it in fabric but it can be made also in leather

Price of Minotti Fil Noir in China :111$.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Bedroom

Jennifer lawrence bedroom

Jennifer Lawrence’s bedroom is very spacious, what we think is missing is a nice big carpet that should cover the whole room or even a smaller one in the seating area, we all like that feeling to wake up and plant our feet in a nice cozy carpet to start our day.
In addition to the carpet, we would probably change a few things like the chairs and maybe the bed as well.
These are our recommendations for the bedroom

Brand bedroom from China price

Bed price in China 1,110$

Night Stands

Art Deco Style Elie Saab Maison Nabuk Marble Essence Nightstand, Italy

Art Deco Style Elie Saab Maison Nabuk Marble Essence Nightstand, Italy

Elie Saab replica from China

Price in China 2,000 $ VS 15,000$ (Original)

The coffee table

Coffee table from China

Price in China From 300-600$

We chose this coffee table as it is quite simple but also very beautiful, I personally prefer the big one as it is more convenient if there are more than two people. the long one is good as a side table I would say, or even outdoors.

Jennifer Lawrence’s bathroom

Jennifer Lawrence's Bathroom from China

One of the greatest things about sourcing furniture from China is that you have the ability to make custom-made bathrooms, glass partitions, doors, wardrobes, and kitchens so they will fit perfectly in your place. As most of our suppliers speak only Chinese, it is our duty to make sure that all the measurements are right so there won’t be any problems during assembling and placement.

Jennifer Lawrence's Wardrobe

Jennifer’s Lawrence Wardrobe

Jennifer Lawrence's Kitchen

Jennifer Lawrence’s kitchen